Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One and Only.

This is what bestfriends are for.

"Anis, the one who's far from you, don't always get to see you, can't always be near you even he/she wants to, is the one who loves you so much. Probably the one who appreciates you the most, better than ones who get to see you everyday."

Thankyou for everything. Thankyou for always being there for me throughout all the ups and downs, the laughters and pains, the smiles and tears, everything. I had once lost a good friend and now you've just proven me I deserve better ones. Yes I do deserve better ones, like you. You're always there to listen to all my stories, laugh at my tahpape punya jokes, lend me your shoulders for me to cry on when everything seems like falling apart, eventhough we're so faaaar away from each other. You're there to always try to put a smile on my face when I don't even feel like smiling. You're there to help me up when others knock me down. You see something in me when others think I'm nothing.


You always correct me when I'm wrong, continuously give me supportive advices, remind me that there are people who care, who always silently pray the best for me.

I appreciate you and your presence. And please do always remember that. I love the way we complete each other as we know the fact that we're both imperfect. 

I can't bear losing a super amazing friend like you. Sungguh.

Wallahi my dear, I'm so blessed to have you. Thanks for showing up in my life. I thank Allah for giving me such a great opportunity to meet you and to know you. Out of millions of people in the world, I choose you. Janji I'll always love you. Yep, to the moon and back. Eh. No, to KLIA and back to Queen Alia Int Airport. Eheheh <3